"The maladroit attempt to transpose "the lived" into "a meaning" is the first gesture of transcendence.
It is one bruised by the marks of the symptom (the only way that the real leaves a mark that then serves as the
backdrop for signification), one that is descriptive and affective, while also rigorous through the accomplishment
of the simple task of indexing the instance of the real...
...The philosophical cosmos should be affirmed for what it is -auto-referential. Simultaneously, its "transcendental material"
should be extrapolated from its cosmological structure in order to be conceptually minimalized by way of rendering it a philosophical chôra,
the unordered "transcendental material" with which thought operates. This chôra succumbs to the authority of the instance of the real
rather than to that of a philosophical legacy or the authoritarian figure of a "Thinker."
-Katerina Kolozova, Concepts That Surrender to Materiality and to the Real